New York Police Receive 20 ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ Cards A Year For Friends And Family

When it comes to getting fucked by the long dick of the law, it’s all about who you know. And if you happen to live in New York, then it probably doesn’t hurt to have the girls and boys in blue round for dinner every now and then.

A slate of recent media reports suggests that officers with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) receive 20 literal, actual, real-life ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ cards a year, which they can hand out to friends and family. While these so-called ‘courtesy’ cards won’t get you out of the ringer for any serious offences – like, say, peddling meth or taking someone’s life – they can be used to waive a number of minor offences. Think speeding tickets or parking fines.

The cards are unofficial, allegedly, but their use seems to be more emblematic and gestural than anything else: a winking suggestion that the person issuing the card *knows people* in the NYPD ranks.

While the general reaction to this news has understandably been one of outrage, the real indignation is coming from within the police department: indignation that officers’ annual allotment of ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ cards has been cut back from 30 to 20. Patrick Lynch, head of New York’s largest police union the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, reportedly decided to curtail the cards after many of them were discovered on eBay being sold for upwards of $200 USD.

But many officers remain incensed at the decision, seeing it as a blatant slap in the face for New York’s hard-working arbiters of the law.

“They are treating active members like shit, and retired members even worse than shit,” said one New York City policeman. “All the cops I spoke to were…very disappointed they couldn’t hand them out as Christmas gifts.”

Source: Law and Crime
Feature image: Style Hi Club


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