KFC Just Brought Back 24 Nugs For $10 So Get Ready To Demolish

It feels like living in the modern era is simply a cycle between a fast-food establishment having a super-sweet mega cheap special on that everyone froths, and waiting for the said establishment to bring back the special for a “limited only”.

Seeing as the social media and marketing team of these fast food restaurants have worked out that millennials really like to get around a filthily full container of chicken nugs, it’s no surprise that KFC brought back their hugely popular 24 nugs for $10 deal.

That’s right. It’s an excellent time to be alive if you happen to be rather broke but still love scoffing excessive amounts of fried chicken down your throat.

Not only are they doing every broke person in the country a solid with their insanely cheap offer, they’re chucking in some brand new Honey Mustard dipping sauce while they’re at it.

Just look at the caption to their video, I feel like KFC’s social media intern is about to chuck a fit:

You: BRING BACK 24 NUGGETS FOR $10!!11!1!
Us: OKAY FINE IT’S BACK. And we’ll throw in new Honey Mustard Sauce while we’re at it 

They’re also letting you grab two large sides for $6 with your nug purchase, so choose from chips, potato and gravy, coleslaw or a 1.25L drink. Bonza!

Get on down to your nearest KFC for this absolute baaaargain.


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