Murder Suspect Bribes Police With Buckets Of KFC

When you’re being fisted by the long arm of the law, it pays to have a few pennies in your pocket. Money talks. But you know what talks louder than money? Dirty bird.

A man suspected of murdering his girlfriend in Limpopo, South Africa has allegedly bought his freedom with a little bit of KFC for the boys.

Detectives are being criticised for neglecting to arrest the suspect – who we’ll just call Mr X – despite knowing where he lives and works, and politely asking that he turn himself in instead. Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has ordered an investigation into their handling of the case.

But the deceased’s sister, Maggie, alleges that Mr X well and truly greased the palms of the detectives when he rocked up to the station with two buckets of original recipe chicken.

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“We received a call from a policeman who said my late sister’s boyfriend was at the police station with two buckets of KFC,” she said. “And they let him leave without arresting him.”

This came after a string of messages that Mr X had sent to members of the deceased’s family, boasting about the fact that he was going to bribe his way out of litigation. There’s nothing particularly radical in that claim – police corruption and the legal sway of the dollar is well-documented – but presumably no one thought it would cost the suspect as little as $48 AUD (assuming we’re talking about a 21-piece feed here).

“He certainly bribed someone because they do speak to him but they don’t arrest him.”

The investigation is ongoing.

Source: Sunday World
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