Someone Spewed On The Emmys Red Carpet


Hundreds of television’s most admired and well-respected actors, writers, and directors gathered for the 2017 Emmys awards ceremony on Sunday. The best and brightest. The crème de la crème. The veritable Gods of the Netflix generation.

And at least one of them chundered all over the red carpet.

The same red carpet where the likes of Donald Glover, Elisabeth Moss and Stephen Colbert strutted their stuff. Where superstars posed in Armani suits and Prada brooches to be photographed by fawning paparazzi. Where the Western world’s cultural elite assembled to drink Moet and laugh and relish in their cultural elitism.

That is what makes this particular puddle of beige-coloured vomit so wonderful.

Is there anything that humanises a person, that really brings them down to the base level, as quickly and as resoundingly as an accidental spew? I’m not convinced there is. Short of seeing someone literally shit themselves, this is as good as it gets. It is a profound reminder that, underneath all the makeup and the costumes and the perfectly styled hair, we are all very much the same.

The question, then, remains: who dunnit? Who is the phantom spewer responsible for this creamy-corny blight on television’s night of nights? Who managed to wretch out this puddle of sin on a literal red carpet, whilst dodging the peeping tom photographers? Who, out of all of the characters in everyone’s favourite shows, has the gall to pull something like this off?

Also, what’d they eat?


Source: Huffington Post
Feature image: Twitter / @allanmcatee


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