Mexican Dealers Are Using Bazookas To Fire Drugs Into The United States

Ever thought of using a NERF gun to fire pingers over the fence of a music festival? There’s something wonderfully simple about the idea: that while thousands of others are taping Vegemite-slathered pills to their dicks in a desperate attempt to slip one past the seccers, you’re shooting a six-round burst of saddies right over their heads.

Now imagine that on literally an international scale, and what you end up with is this news headline. I repeat: Mexican dealers are using bazookas to fire drugs into the United States.

Last week, Mexican authorities seized a homemade bazooka and close to a ton of marijuana in the border town of Agua Prieta. The cannabis cannon was mounted in the back of a van, under a sliding roof, and had been fitted with a compressor that would enable it to fire projectile pot into the US.

Image: Merry Jane

This isn’t the first budzooka to be found in this particular town, either. Just last year Mexican authorities discovered another drug launcher, this one around three metres long, in the back of a modified panel van. In 2011, smugglers attempted to use a catapult to lob bundles of weed over the border.

Paul Beeson, from the US Department of Homeland Security, admitted that where drug smugglers “previously threw, by hand, small loads of drugs over the border fence, they now utilise compressed air cannons to launch bundles of illicit narcotics in excess of 100 pounds over the border fence.” Beeson adds that such advanced methods as these are “indicative of the ever-evolving and persistent intent… to exploit the border environment.”

Source: NPR / El Universal
Feature image: The GTA Place


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