Blokes Wear Borat Mankinis In Kazakhstan, Are Very Quickly Arrested

Ah, the classic Borat Mankini, a true staple of any social event that requires attendants to wear fewer clothes than normal and had a guy to girl ratio of 6:1.

It’s become a bit of a meme as of late, but there’s absolutely no shame in garnering a couple of cheap laughs nearly 10 years after the original movie came out by handing in whatever dignity you had left and donning a fluoro one piece.

6 Czech tourists did exactly that recently, except not only did they look like a bunch of twats wearing an outdated costume, they copped a bit of a cheeky fine as well.

Apparently, the group posed for photos while dressed in the swimsuit, assumingly trying to capture their hilarious antics for the gram. Well, on Tuesday local media reported that the tourists had been arrested and fined 22,500 Tenge or about $90 AUD.

The costume -which was made famous by Borat, a fictional Kazakh TV presenter played by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen – sparked controversy on social media.

Journalist Assem Mirjekeeva asked her followers on Facebook: “I wonder how would the Czech authorities react if our citizens did the same in their country?”

“I think they would have not reacted. It is because our police are so sensitive,” replied Facebook user Vitaliy Shuptar.

“This is teasing, they should have been jailed,” @_solar__eclipse_ commented on Instagram.

“They should have had a criminal charge for insulting the honour of the nation,” another poster said.

Borat remains a controversial figure in the country, and stunts like this are unlikely to help.

Pre bloody funny but.

Source: BBC



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