Mario Without His Moustache Is A Seriously Spooky Sight

Super Mario is without a doubt one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, and part of what makes him so iconic is that beautiful, luscious growth of hair on his top lip.

C’mon now, we’ve all dreamed about combing the famous mo, running our fingers through it as we learn the secrets to life itself.

But what would happen if you were to shave off Mario’s lip fluff? Well for some ungodly reason, Twitter user @november17 decided it would be a bloody good idea to find out.

The photo originally comes from @yourfaveisbald2 and sweet Jesus Christ, Mario looks like every nightmare I’ve ever had combined into one ugly looking baby thing.

The rest of Twitter were as equally fucked up about it as me, which lead to some pretty fkn hilarious memes.

Now, please excuse me while I have nightmares for the rest of my miserable existence.

Image: Mashable 


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