A University Is Trying To Slap Families Of Graduating Students With $1K Fines For Cheering During The Ceremony

Universities absolutely love trying to hit you with unexpected fees just as you’re about to graduate, it’s almost like they enjoy milking every bit of money out of you they can before you jump into the wide world of debt and misery.

In an effort to extract even more money out of graduating students, a Southern California School is in deep shit for suggesting that if families aren’t quiet and respectful during the ceremony, they can expect to cop some hefty fines.

A recent slide in a school assembly said:

“Since graduation is a dignified and solemn occasion, graduating seniors and their guests should behave appropriately. Please ask your guests not to call out, cheer, whistle, or applaud during the reading of names and presentation of diplomas.”

“The citation for family members yelling out is $1,030.”

However, there’s speculation that they only included the slide so that they could remind attendees that it’s a highbrow affair, and you shouldn’t be behaving like a monkey.

Although local police sergeant Johnathan Bragg said that they won’t be ticketing proud family members just for cheering.

“Screaming somebody’s name or congratulating them, that’s not a police matter,” Bragg said. “We would only get involved when it’s actually a criminal matter. As far as charging someone for yelling, we have not done that.”

Thankfully, logic and common sense wins out.


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