Apparently In The UK It’s Quicker To Get Cocaine Delivered Than Pizza

Everyone knows that the cocaine game in Australia is extremely weak, so weak that we’re actually the most expensive country to buy coke from in the world because we’re in the middle whoop whoop aka the Pacific Ocean.

So it’s hard not to be at least a little bit pissed off at our mates across the pond in England and Scotland, as apparently, they can get a bit of nosé delivered to their door quicker than it takes for a pizza arrive.

Now, that’s what I call living in the future.

More than a third of a thousand cocaine users surveyed in England and 500 more in Scotland reckon they can get the drug delivered in half an hour, which makes it the fifth and sixth quickest in the world rankings.

Apparently, this stems from dealers trying to one-up the competition by not only delivering in terms of quality but also being one of the first to rock up.

The report said that “With many cities covered with CCTV cameras, traditional street dealing is becoming less attractive to many suppliers and consumers.

“On the other hand, darknet markets allow drugs to be delivered through your letterbox and the rise of encrypted social media platforms makes ordering relatively safe.”

So there ya go, turns out Australia is getting shafted pretty fkn hard in the world of drugs. If only we can take the ingenuity of nang delivery and upscale it…


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