Lil Tay’s Extremely Cringe Downward Spiral Continues In Spectacular Fashion

If you haven’t heard of Lil Tay, good. Consider yourself lucky because the 9-year-old flexer is making headlines around the world for all the wrong reasons, and her latest downfall could put her permanently out of buisness as an annoying Instagram celebrity.

Lil Tay is a little girl who got really huge on Instagram for “flexing” with expensive cars, houses and the like. She loves telling you how broke you are and repeatedly claims that she spends more on her furniture then you do on rent.

Except, it’s so clearly and obviously not true. Last week Lil Tay’s real estate agent Mum was busted for allowing her child to pose in her clients home, a big no-no in the retail world and pretty obviously a stupid thing to do.

She’s probably one of the cringiest creatures that I have ever had the misfortune of encountering and the fact that her family are standing behind the camera and directing her makes the situation even more fucked up. Who could comfortably ask their child to act like that on the internet? Shit is weird.

Now, details have emerged that Lil Tay asked her Mum’s old boss for a photo with his car, and proceeded to flex on the gram with it.

I mean… how are you going to believe this little girl is actually rich when she’s still wearing the tags on her shirt and every house she “flexes” in has barely any furniture and looks like an open showing.

Apparently, the boss didn’t realise that she was planning on posting it to Instagram, so you can imagine how shocked he’d be when Lil Tay popped up on his feed.

It’s glaringly obvious that Lil Tay is not, in fact, rich, and every day I pray for the downfall of these incredibly cringey social media stars.

One day guys, one day.


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