Loose Unit Dad Sent To Prison After Giving His 13 Y.O Daughter 17 Vodka Shots

I feel like all fathers are hardwired to see how drunk they could possibly get their child. Sure, a couple of sips of Dad’s beer as a young pup probably isn’t anything to call child services about, but forcing your child to down more vodka than a Russian Lumberjack probably isn’t the way to go.

One bloke found himself in hot water (and copious amounts of vomit) after he thought it would be a brilliant idea to give his 13-year-old daughter 17 shots of vodka “for her birthday” during a party in Allentown, Pennsylvania this past January.

Last Monday, Charles Younger pleaded guilty to child endangerment and corrupting the morals of a minor. The court heard that not only did he almost kill his child through alcohol poisoning, but he was cheeky enough to send her to the bottle-o with her mother to pick up the supplies.


On top of that, Younger ran away when a friend called emergency services for his vomiting and unconscious daughter. “I did run, but I came back,” he told the judge, he went on to say that he panicked and that his children “mean everything to me.” Father of the year ladies and gentlemen.

Younger’s daughter, who had a staggering blood alcohol level of 0.32 percent (over 6 times the legal Australian BAC level), was rushed to hospital by ambulance before she was taken to a second hospital for further treatment.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t old mates first run in with the law, his previous offences include armed robbery and aggravated assault convictions. The girl’s mother, Michelle Edwards, who was also absent from the family home when paramedics arrived, was sentenced to four and a half to 23 months in county jail. “My stupidity caused my kids to lose both their parents,” Younger told the court.

Maybe you should stick to cracking open a cold one with the boys and not force feeding your underage daughter straight vodka.

Source: Munchies

Image: Livestrong


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