Literal Sydney Shit-Hole Sells for $2.1 Million

For a lot of people, the housing crisis feels like some far-off nightmare. One that isn’t really rooted in reality because let’s be honest, who’s got more than $100,000 sitting in the bank? You might not have to worry about settling down in your first home for a while, but tales of decrepit buildings selling for extortionate amounts only drive home the point that we’re pretty fucked.

If you’re keen to keen to the awfulness of the housing market epitomised into something tangible, look no further than this absolute shithole in Sydney’s trendy Surry Hills, which just sold for a laughable $2.1 MILLION.

I have to say, props to the photographer for turning what looks like a rodent-riddled crack den into a grungy backdrop for a shit band’s next photo shoot.

This absolute mansion of a home comes with four, that’s right FOUR, bedrooms and boasts two bathrooms, but you probably wouldn’t want to risk having a shower in there. You’ll also be able to tell your friends that you own 125 square meters of prime Sydney real estate, which in this day and age is an accomplishment in itself.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, just keep in mind that the place caught on fire at one point in the last six months, so you know these walls have a story or two to tell! And if you’re a nature lover, well boy you’re in for a treat. According to locals, the balcony is absolutely covered in bird shit, so you don’t even have to leave your home to do a bit of bird-spotting.

If you dream of one day owning a place like this, don’t worry you totally can. Just ease up on the avo and feta next time you’re out for brunch and you’ll be living in a castle like this in no time.


Image: Domain



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