Student Left a Pineapple in a Gallery and Successfully Passed it off as ‘Art’

The meaning of art is universally subjective, what holds significant meaning to one person could just as easily look like an unintelligible mess to another. While that’s pretty cool in itself, it can also lead to a lot of people looking at some nondescript sculpture and wondering what the hell is going on.

A student at Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University (RGU) decided to capitalise on this seemingly broad definition of art and chose to chuck a pineapple in an art gallery and see what happened.

It started out pretty innocently. “We bought the pineapple as a joke earlier in the day, and then just ended up having to carry it around,” RGU student Ruairi Gray explained to MUNCHIES. “It just so happened that there was this art display with a free stand, so we thought, ‘Hey why not give it a shot and see how long it lasts?

His piece must have captured the hearts of many because the pineapple was upgraded to a swish glass case. “We were expecting it to stay there maybe a day, but the outcome is far more than we could have ever asked for… far more successful than we could have dreamed of,” Gray laughed.

His immediate success in the world of art led to the student making his own conclusions about the state of modern art, “I think it shows that people will accept anything as art if you put it in the right place.”

So forget Picasso, Basquiat and all those other nerds, art’s as easy as grabbing something from the fresh produce section and chucking it in a random place. Grab some bananas and go create your legacy.

Source & Image: Vice


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