Lecturer Puts Entire Class On Blast By Revealing Their In-class Browsing Habits

It’s no secret that pretty much everyone in a university lecture is doing anything but actually listen to the information they paid a small fortune to learn. Most lecturers are usually pretty cool about how no one in their class of 300 students is actually paying attention to them, but it only takes one slip up for you entire unit to find out your fondness for browsing pictures of sliced bread and spending extortionate amounts on turtle neck sweaters.

Which is exactly what happened to a bunch of students at the University of Michigan when their lecturer decided to slam the distracted students by publishing their browsing habits for an entire semester in the classes powerpoint.

The professor absolutely comes for the lives of students in EARTH 222/ENVIRON 232, with a slide aptly titled “Things I Noticed EARTH 222/ENVIRON 232 Students Doing During Class.”

The list features a red X next to all the usual suspects, Facebook, Tumblr and apparently the student e-mail all warrant a near daily check, while more niche interests such as Chinese rap videos and photoshopping the President of the United States onto Muppets also make an appearance.

The fairly ominous inclusions of “Writing obscene things… can’t put here”, Sex tapes and apparent dragon breeding really indicate that this teacher has seen some shit that no one should be subjected to.

Spare a thought for your lecturer when browsing weird shit in class, unless you want to end up a similar list…

Source: Thrillist

Image: Twitter



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