Enter The ‘Cage Cage’: A Simulation That Locks You In A Cage And Makes You Watch Nicolas Cage Films

We are all Nicolas Cage.

For better or for worse, this man embodies our most primal instincts; our darkest impulses; our raving, animalistic id. Whether he’s carjacking Chevvies or screaming “How’d it get burned?!” at a frightened child, Cage’s often frenzied performances tap into unspoken truths about the collective human experience. He is as much a god as he is the very Devil himself.

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This I learned whilst trapped inside the ‘Cage Cage’: a Machiavellian virtual reality simulation of what might happen if one was actually kidnapped by Nicolas Cage. The participant is locked behind bars, surrounded with screens, and forced to watch clips of the actor’s most visceral moments in film.

A word of warning: this experience may make you laugh, cry, find yourself, lose yourself again and vomit, all within the space of a few minutes. You’re welcome.

The disturbed work of art comes from the twisted minds of Mike Lacher and Chris Baker, two huge fans of Cage’s work who “love watching clips of him at his cagiest”.

“When Chris suggested we make a cage where you’re surrounded by Nic Cage movies, we had no choice but to see it to completion,” said Lacher in an interview with The Huffington Post. “Watching one Nic Cage movie is great, but watching four simultaneously while locked in a cage is even better.”

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Through the immersive medium of virtual reality, Lacher and Baker hope to “give the world a whole new appreciation of Nicolas Cage’s work.”

The footage seen from inside the cage – which features snippets from such Hollywood masterpieces as The Wicker Man and Face/Off – contains some of the most iconic moments of Cage’s career to date. One screen might show him jogging through the woods in a bear suit, punching girls; turn your head and you’ll catch him sprinting down the street screaming “I’m a vampire!”

But again, we must stress that this is not something to be entered into lightly. Too much time in the Cage Cage can cause the most resolute of viewers to lose their mind.

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In the meantime, please enjoy this wonderful video compilation of Nic Cage flipping his lid:


Source: The Huffington Post
Feature image: The Ringer


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