Stalk Your Friends With Snapchat’s Latest Feature

Snapchat’s had a bit of a tough time of it lately. On top of the fact that Instagram Stories have pretty much made the app obsolete for anything but sending nudes, the dog filter has gotten a bit stale and people are searching for the next big things to make their selfies POP.

Well, Snapchat looks like they have a game changer with their latest update, Snap Map, which lets your friends see exactly what you’re doing – and where you are as well.

The premise behind Snap Map is that you and your friends are reduced to quirky Bitmoji versions of yourself and all show up on a great big map, where zooming in on each individual character reveals what they’ve been snapping about.

Areas that have had a whole heap of snaps taken in them will appear redder and “hotter”, so you know where to hone in on if it looks like your friends are having fun without you.

Obviously, the whole idea has sparked a bit of outrage over privacy issues, namely, is everyone gonna be able to see my sinful activities from the comfort of their own homes?

Well, the company has made it very clear that people will only see your location if you’re logged in and the app is open. If it’s been closed for a while then your Bitmoji will disappear from the map until your ready to get back to it. The feature is also opt-in, meaning no-one will be able to see any mischief you get up to unless you want them to.

Have a gander at the video below and revel at just how perfect Snapchat is making the world, bless.

Source: Digital Spy


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