Jim Jefferies Won A Shooting Contest Against The Navy SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden

There’s a fair chance you’ve heard Jim Jefferies’ stance towards gun control. Every Aussie on Facebook has a friend or mutual friend who’s shared the comedian’s iconic standup rant, in which he takes the second amendment and more or less wipes his arse with it in front of a cheering American audience.

Suffice to say, Jim dun’t like guns. In principle, at least. He’s buttressed much of his career on being a loud and proud opponent of the right to bear arms. But he does kinda like shooting them, as it turns out. And he does kinda know how to shoot them.

A recent segment on The Jim Jefferies Show saw Jim joining Robert O’Neill – otherwise known as that Navy SEAL dead-shot who shot bin Laden dead – on the firing range. The bit mainly consisted of the two men playing around with some guns: O’Neill shooting a picture of zombie bin Laden, Jefferies shooting a pile of dirt and complaining about a sore shoulder. Your classic fish-out-of-water scenario.

That is, until Jefferies and O’Neill squared off in a sniping competition – mano e mano, comedian v  Navy SEAL – to see who could fuck up a watermelon the best.

Skip to the 4:00 mark below.

Now, was Jim’s shot a fluke? Very possibly. But did he just win a shootout against the highly-decorated Navy SEAL who took out Osama bin Laden? Absolutely. That’s quite the accolade, no matter which way you look at it.

And while Jefferies did concede that he enjoyed playing gunman for a day, he makes a point of reinforcing the fact it was within the controlled environment of the firing range. It’s when people start bringing assault rifles and submachine guns into their homes that he takes issue.

“Everyone thinks of Jim as the anti-gun guy, but he’s just anti-bullshit arguments for owning one,” reads the description of the above video. “Who better to help him cut through the bullshit than the Navy SEAL who shot bin Laden, Rob O’Neill.”

Source: Yahoo
Feature image: Daily Hive


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