Teacher Arrested After Students Film Her Racking Up In Classroom

I honestly don’t know how teachers do it. Having to put up with a bunch of little shit stains who don’t give a damn about you all day every day is enough to drive anyone up the wall.

If I was a teacher, I’d definitely be that super chill teacher that lets you play on coolmath-games while I take sneaky sips from the bottle of Whiskey in my desk drawer. This is probably why I’m not a teacher.

While I’m sure a sneaky sip from the proverbial wine bottle is all fine and dandy, one teacher in the US was caught slipping after she was filmed indulging in some nose beers while at school.

Student Will Rogers from the Indianan school said: “She’s in the corner, hiding with a chair and a book and what appears to be cocaine, putting it into lines.

“When I actually watched the footage again and again, and I just realised that my English teacher did cocaine.”

You can kind of see it in the photo above. The teachers definitely there, and if that is coke in front of her, let’s just say that she’ll be getting through the class novel pretty fucking quickly.

The video spread through the school as quickly as you’d imagine, with the police being called only an hour later.

On November 22, 2017, at approximately 11:30am, the St. John Police were notified by Lake Central School Corporation Administration of a teacher suspected of possessing an illegal narcotic on school property,” the local police department said in a statement.

“This information was brought to the attention of school administration by student witnesses, and school administration immediately notified St. John Police.

“The subsequent investigation lead investigators to arrest 24-year-old Samantha Cox, of Northwest Indiana. Cox is currently being held at the Lake County Jail pending charges of Possession of Controlled Substance (a Level 6 Felony) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (a Class C Misdemeanour).”

Pretty full on, one student summed up the thoughts of the school pretty succinctly, saying “You’re told as a child to listen to them, respect them and stuff like that… But it’s kinda hard to respect somebody who does cocaine in a classroom,”

Ain’t that the truth.

Source: Pedestrian.tv


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