Elderly Care Home Brings In Pole Dancers To Liven Things Up A Tad

Sitting in an old folks home waiting to die would be pretty fucking depressing, but getting a bunch of attractive young females to entertain you and remind you of your own mortality would probably be much worse.

An elderly care home in England decided it would be a grand idea to explore that route, and organised for a pole dancing group to come through and perform.

Hmm, I wonder what could go wrong?

Fairmile Grange organised the activity because the residents were keen on some modern entertainment. Which could mean anything from a PS4 to a troupe of dancers, apparently.

Christchurch councillor Peter Hall was pretty damn surprised that the activity had taken place.

“My view is that it is completely inappropriate for a care home. It’s not really the sort of entertainment I would have thought that the residents wanted or would have encouraged,” he said.

Izzy Nicholls, operations and quality director for Encore, the company that owns the home, said: “Residents were given several choices of activity and specifically chose for a local pole dancing company to perform.

“We are proud to challenge stereotypes and will continually offer our residents the choice to experience appropriate, new and progressive activities.”

Apparently, the dancers kept it pretty PG and nothing too crazy went on, but let’s not kid ourselves and think that these old codgers we’re lining up to see a beautiful rendition of gymnastic pole performance.

Image: BNPS 


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