David Attenborough Raves Are A Very Real And Incredible Thing

I think it’s fair to say that the age group of 18-25 appreciates David Attenborough more than any other demographic in the world, as it’s become a cultural tradition to get mad cooked and watch the 91-year-old narrate the shit out of some animals.

If you’re keen to combine your appreciation of an old man’s voice with some fkn bangerz then you’re in luck.

Leeds-based promotion company Good Life has started throwing an event called Jungle Boogie, which has become so popular that’s it has already sold out at two venues.

A DJ drops some filthy tunes featuring David Attenborough’s voice all the while episodes of Blue Planet II play behind, which quite honestly sounds like heaven on earth.

Punters wear masks of the world-famous biologist, take photos next to a life-size cut out of the man himself and then throw down some shapes underneath jungle foliage.

The event hasn’t been running for long, but it’s proven to be so popular that the company are already looking to move it to multiple other cities.

I for one would relish the opportunity to get down and dirty in the jungle with David, you know for a fact he’s got a deece supply of Peruvian marching powder.

Hopefully, we can nab a David Attenborough party down under, because you just know that no one knows how to celebrate one of the world’s treasure quite like Australian’s do.


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