Drunk Bloke On Bucks Night Believed To Be The Only Person To Survive Swimming Across Hoover Dam

Generally, it’s considered a pretty bad move to go for a dip in a dam. This is largely attributed to the fact that dams aren’t the docile swimming hole that you think, but are actually swimming pools of death that can fuck people up with their big ass turbines.

So, it’s fairly surprising that one bloke was able to come away unscathed, it’s even more surprising when you learn that he’d be on the sesh for 37 hours prior and didn’t immediately drown.

Welshman Arron Hughes, a 28-year-old forklift driver, had been partying in Las Vegas when he thought it was about time for a dip, so he hopped in the Hoover Dam, which is over a kilometer long, and began to swim across.

“It was around 45-40 degrees outside and we were on a stag do in Vegas. You go to Vegas to have fun, don’t you? We made The Hangover look tame,” he told the Daily Post.

“We were all just standing there, and I thought, f*** it! I’m going for a swim.”

Old mate’s friends were cheering him on as he began the crawl to the other side, but about midway, though he started to feel pretty knackered and HAD to get his arse in gear otherwise he would have been pulled towards the dam.

“I was sucked towards the wall and had to swim hard. At the other side, I was exhausted. Then I heard police shout,” he said.

He was promptly handcuffed and arrested for “jumping, diving, swimming from dam’s spillways or other structures” and slapped with a pretty rough $330 fine.

“One officer said, ‘In my whole lifetime I’ve never seen or heard of anyone doing it’,” Mr Hughes told MailOnline, while also admitting that his reasoning for swimming was “fueled by drink”.

He managed a pretty lucky escape, he’s only believed to be alive because 9 of the dam’s 10 turbines were switched off at the time.

“I don’t have any regrets,” Mr Hughes told the BBC. “I even have a tattoo saying ‘no regrets,’ that’s the type of person I am.”

Source: The Independent 


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