Plane Cheers As Drunk Passenger Gets Choked Out

It’s comforting, in this day and age, to think that heroes fly among us.

Because planes are scary places. If it’s not terrorists it’s turbulence, or Russian missiles, or a man in the seat next to you who won’t stop coughing and sweating and wincing under his breath. And sometimes – or quite a bit of the time, if you tend to fly Ryanair – it’s a bevvied-up bro in a neck chain and a bucket hat.

One such ~bro~ was causing a bit of a ruckus on a flight from Spain to England recently. The larrikin was “making a nuisance of himself,” according to fellow passenger Dean Whiteside. “Over the course of the flight he was singing loudly with his headphones on. It was a late flight, everyone was tired and he was rubbing people up the wrong way.”

One of those people – a silver-haired vigilante sitting quietly on the sidelines – was officially at the end of his rope by the time the flight finally touched down at Luton Airport, London. As the cabin crew tried to escort the drunk lad off the plane he became hostile, ordering them repeatedly to get out of his face.

Then this happened:

The so-called ‘Plane-Hero’ springs up out of his seat and wraps his arm around the neck of the aggressor, in what for a split-second appears to be a kind of comforting embrace. Then, like a retired cage-fighter who’s been waiting his whole life for this very moment, he snaps the young man into a headlock and proceeds to choke him out. All while fellow passengers cheer and chant “Citizen’s arrest!”

The drunk and disorderly passenger was arrested by police soon thereafter.

“We were called to attend Luton Airport arrivals at 11 p.m. on June 30 following reports of a passenger acting aggressively on an inbound flight,” said a spokesperson for Bedfordshire Police. “A 22-year-old man from Dagenham was arrested on suspicion of common assault and being drunk on an aircraft.

“This is exactly why we are calling for significant changes to prohibit the sale of alcohol at airports.”

Source: New York Post
Feature image: CX Service 360



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