Desperate Party Animal Puts Up Gumtree Ad Asking For Friends To Sesh With At Nightclub

We’ve all found ourselves absolutely stinging for a night on the town but with no one to go with. It’s a situation that forces you to reconsider who your real friends are, if they’re not keen to sesh then they can’t be the best, it’s just science.

One desperate sesher who found herself in that unfortunate position is Adelaidian Gaby Grant, but instead of wallowing in self-pity under a duvet with Netflix and Doritos, she put up a Gumtree advert in hopes of whipping up a few friends to get rowdy with.

Gaby’s advert calls for anyone to ” come to Sugar with me on Wednesday 19/07/19 cause my ‘friends’ are lame” and even promises free durries and goon. I’m there.

The advert proved quite successful, even catching the attention of the nightclub itself, so I decided to sit down and have a chat with the Sesh Queen of Adelaide to see what was up.

Your Friends House: Hey Gaby, so what caused you to put up the ad?

Well, I was keening up for a night out at shoogz before uni returns but none of my mates were too keen. Lame as, I know. So I jokingly said I’d put up a gum tree ad and get some people to go with by myself and made the post for a bit of a laugh.

YFH: How has the response been so far?

At first, it just got a few laughs out of my mates and one random reply from some seedy sounding guy in Melbourne.. But now Shoogz, have got around and its copped a fair bit of attention.

YFH: Have you received any free shit from the ad?

Well so far, I’ve been offered free entry to sugar for all of my crew that I bring a long. Surely I’m due a few free drinks though!

YFH: Yeah, surely! Have you got people to go with now?

I have too many people to go with! I’ve received heaps of emails and messages on fb from randoms that saw the post after Sugar advertised it. There’s been some funny replies too, with people telling me their preferred choice of durries or asking me what exactly “muzzing” is? (Who doesn’t know what a muzz is though)

YFH: It seems like your criteria for a sesh partner is fairly broad, are there any other requirements someone would need to keep up with you?

Look, as long as you’re up for a good time and don’t order your Uber home until at leas3 amam then you can join the sesh. I just can’t have any quitters around me.

YFH: Will you be tempted to do the same in future?

Oh for sure! Although I don’t think anything will top this post now, it’s kind of iconic.


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