Jake Paul’s Neighbours Are Considering A Class Action Law Suit ‘Cos He’s An Absolute Dickhead

Jake Paul is the literal embodiment of just being too much, man. If you’ve ever had the displeasure of watching one of his many, many daily vlogs, then you’ll probably know this already. Lots of click bait, over-exaggerated reactions and dumb pranks make him a walking cringe-fest that you can’t look away from.

He’s most famous for his song “It’s Everyday Bro”, which racked up a cheeky 70,000,000 views and an even more impressive 1.7 million dislikes, and the antics he gets up to with his team of equally cringy social influencers, Team 10.

But now he’s making headlines for something other than producing shit content. The news team at Los Angeles based station KTLA5 have shared a video detailing how Paul’s rowdy behaviour and general annoyingness is causing issues for everyone else in the street.

In his quest to be a living caricature of a self-obsessed online media personality, he dabbed repeatedly in the news video and gave a shout out to the best meme of 2014, WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE?

Neighbours have to put up with war zone-like conditions, especially seeing as Jake loves to race his cars down the street and apparently light fucking infernos from the depths of hell in his backyard pool.

It’s been reported that neighbours in the street are going to meet with city council officials to see what steps can be taken. It’s possible they could launch a class-action against the Disney Channel star that would declare him a public nuisance.

As you’d expect, Jake really doesn’t give a fuck and is already taunting his neighbours on twitter. Oh well, cringy YouTubers will be cringy YouTubers, I guess.

Source: Tubefilter


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