Legendary Shit-talker Fakes His Way Backstage And Walks Out With Conor McGregor

The Mayweather vs McGregor hype train is picking up an incredible amount of speed as we head closer and closer to the approaching match. Sure, Mayweather has his fans but he’s the overwhelmingly hated favourite while Conor has the hopes and dreams of his fellow Irishmen- and basically everyone else in the entire world- on his shoulders.

So you’d consider yourself pretty lucky if you got to walk out to one of the most anticipated boxing press conferences in recent memory with the big man himself, even better if you managed to sneak your way in through basic photoshop skills and a big set of brass balls.

Which is exactly what British YouTuber Zac Alsop did when he managed to fake his way backstage at the recent London press confrence of Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor last Friday.

Old mate has had previous experience bungling himself into places he’s not allowed, just last year he managed to board a Rio 2016 parade float dressed as athletes complete with plastic medals.

After fixing up a rather convincing looking fake pass on his computer, the bloody daredevil made his way past heaps of security to find himself backstage at Wembley within the impressive entourage of Mcgregor and Dana White.

Zac found himself ringside for the heavily anticipated press conference and made the most of his time by chilling with the rowdy Irish and joining in with the “Fuck Mayweather” Chants

Have a gander at the video below and be amazed at just how far a few basic computer skills and confidence will get you.

Source: Zac Alsop



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