Cringe Your Heart Out To This White Fan Saying The N-Word In Front Of Kendrick Lemar

I’m already dubious about people who push their way to the front of a concert so they can get on stage, as I’m usually too cooked to want to move let alone stand in front of a fucking huge crowd who all expect you to do some cool shit.

But if I did manage to push through the other punters and find myself on stage with Kendrick, you bet your ass I’d be the most gracious cooked unit ever and certainly not drop any n-bombs in front of one of the most important black musicians in the world.

At Alabama’s Hangoutfest over the weekend, a fan named Delaney was called up on stage and just judging by her general demeanour it wasn’t going to end well.


Even after Kendrick very politely asked her to beep out one word, to which she obnoxiously replied “Am I not cool enough for you” she then went on to butcher an absolute classic Kendrick song, one that any fan worth their salt should at least know the chorus for.

You’d have to be somewhat shook getting back into a crowd of people that despise you, but she doesn’t really seem to give a shit so I’m sure she’ll be right.


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