Parents Sue 30 Y.O Shithead Son For Refusing To Move Out Of Home

For most people, as we grow up we learn that our parents have done an astounding amount for us so we begin to repay them by taking care of them in their old age and helping out when they need something done.

But, some people never grow out of asking their parents for pocket money and become a bigger drain on them as they are on society.

Take this American family for example, who sued their son for refusing to leave their house and won, but now the son reckons it’s bloody “outrageous” and he’s not leaving.

The parents claim he’s been given several notices, and they even offered him over $1,000 to set himself up somewhere. The little shit took the money but decided he’d continue to live in their home.

Apparently, when the son was in court, he was very argumentative with the judge and downright refused to even talk to his parents, who were sitting timidly nearby.

He was then called up to the bench, where he called for all the court reporters to meet him outside so he could answer their questions.

He reckons that he occupies a bedroom in his parent’s home, and wasn’t ready to move out yet… despite being old enough to have a wife and kids.

He’s planning on collecting his stuff soon but doesn’t know where he’ll stay.

Well, good riddance ya little shit.


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