Company Offers Single People Lifetime Supply of Alcohol For Just $2,100

In this day and age, being single is bloody tough. We’re inundated with conveyer belt like dating apps that seem to rely on dogs more than a blind person, and frankly, the whole process can get a little tiring.

Which is why it’s a great idea to wash down the misery of being alone forever with many, many shots of strong alcohol. A Chinese company is offering just that, with a promotion for single people that will allow them to purchase a lifetime supply of alcohol in just one payment.

As part of Alibaba’s annual Singles Day shopping holiday, one online retailer is giving people the opportunity to nab a lifetime supply of baijiu liquor for a single payment of 11,111 yuan ($2186 AUD).

The first 33 customers who indulge the offer will receive 12 bottles of baijiu every month until they die, and they can leave the alcohol to a family member should they die within five years of their purchase.

Baijiu is a fiery white spirit often made from sorghum or rice with an alcohol content well above the standard 40%. It is usually shotted and can be found in abundance at Chinese banquets.

However, the retailer may have already saved their skin by including a clause that nullifies the deal if the company were to go bankrupt.

Still, that’s a bloody bonza deal, one that I shall be fully participating in while crying about how lonely I’ll be for the rest of my life.

Source: The Guardian



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