Pauline Hanson’s ‘Battler Bus’ Has Broken Down On The Campaign Trail

Put your halal snack packs out for Pauline Hanson.

The fire witch’s chariot has broken down on the way to the ball, it seems, after her aptly-titled ‘Battler Bus’ shit the bed during the Queensland election campaign trail. The bus, which Hanson was using to tour the countryside and drum up support for her One Nation state candidates, ground to a halt outside of Mackay this morning after “making a loud hissing noise the past hour.”

Frankly, the image of Pauline flipping her lid as her ‘Battler Bus’ breaks down in a plume of greasy smoke – stumbling out into the heat, swatting flies away with a rolled-up baton of Guns & Ammo magazine and hurling C-bombs in every direction – is really quite something. Reports from the scene state that the busload of stranded campaigners and reporters had to wait for a Thrifty employee to come and save them.

How ’bout that fedora behind the seat though? (Image: Twitter, @DarrenCurtis9)

The great ‘Battler Bus’ tour has attracted negative press from the get-go, after Hanson ceremoniously christened the coach by firing off a bottle of  not-so-Aussie-battler champagne. That was at least the point of criticism – though it’s hard to say whether the bubbly seen in these pictures is indeed Veuve, the life-blood of the bourgeoisie, or rather Passion Pop, the veritable nectar of the everyman.

In any case, good luck getting this image of P-Hans ejaculating a bottle of brut out of your head:

We’re very sorry (Image: Twitter, @allysonhorn)


Source: Huffington Post
Feature image: SBS


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