Cheese Festival Cops Shit For Running Out Of Cheese

We all know that niche events and festivals have a tendency to be pretty fucking wanky. I enjoy a glass of red as much as the next person, but if I had to congregate with a bunch of people who think that liking red wine is a personality trait, I’d most likely blow my brains out.

And so, it’s absolutely hilarious when these pretentious events turn out to be more basic than buying the goods at Woolies and enjoying them at home.

One cheese festival in England is copping maaaaassive amounts of shit online, after their car crash of a cheese festival ran out of cheese.

Tickets were around 40 bucks to get in, and for that punters were treated to warm “craft” beer (Bud and Stella) as well as a plethora of food to choose from (4 stalls selling samples of cheese).

Apparently, the weather meant that a number of traders and performers had difficulties getting to the event, and as a result, a whole heap of cheese and other treats weren’t available.

Since the backlash, organisers of the festival have declared that they’re just as disappointed as the customers and that everyone who bought a ticket this year will receive 50 percent off at the next iteration.

That is, of course, assuming that there’s even going to be one next year.

Image: New Caledonia Tourism


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