This Bloke’s VB Tinnie Pit Is A True Testament To Our Crippling Love Of Grog

In theory, a pit full of discarded tinnies that you can wade around like an overactive child at daycare SOUNDS like a bloody good time, until you contract tetanus from the tins and get a whiff of the disgustingly old beer dregs still remaining.

But hey, what do I know? I’m sure it’s entirely possible to have a literal swimming pool of tins and still live life as a functioning member of society, right?

Well, have a gander at this fella and let me know what you think.

Apparently, this unnamed man from Moonta, South Australia has spent 15 years sinking over 30,000 tins, and the “ball pit” so to speak is a testament to his achievements (and alcoholism) over the years.

Look at the fucking champion, puffing on a durry as he admires his work like a proud father who’s eldest son just copped his first root.

“It might have got a bit fuller since the last video but this is it, this is one man… 15 years of his most favourite beers,” says the camerawoman.

“One man, tens of thousands of VB cans, this is it. Some guys call it the ultimate beer pit and they’re pretty correct in saying that,” she declares.

Yeah, fuckin oath, it’s clearly a pretty impressive achievement but the more I look at it the grosser I feel.

Maybe I should join in on sober March.

Source: Yahoo 7


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