Donald Glover Bought A Stack Of Girl Scout Cookies From The Girl Who’s Redbone Remix Went Viral

It literally feels like there’s not a bad thing you can say about good ol’ Donald Glover, he’s a once in a generation talent that happens to make bangers and can make people laugh.

If I wasn’t preparing to pounce on Leonardo Di Capri’s fortune when he’s on his death bed, I might just give Donald a shot. If he’s lucky.

As if you couldn’t love him enough already, The Don recently appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and gave out a seriously sweet gift to a young fan.

Six-year-old Charity Joy and her father, Seymore Harrison Jr. posted a remix of Redbone on Facebook last year to try and sell some cookies which subsequently went viral.

Fuck me that is absolutely adorable.

It turns out Charity was in the studio when Donald appeared on the show, so it was only natural that he brought her out for a bit of a chin wag.

It turns out she needed to sell 113 more boxes, which Donald happily obliged to because, well, he’s a bit of a legend.

He proceeded to collect a fuck tonne of thin mints because “They go great in the fridge” and dished ’em out to the audience.

It seems everytime we hear about Donald Glover he’s either doing something really nice or really fkn cool.

At this point, it’s like none of us are even surprised anymore, god bless ya Donald.

Source: YouTube


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