Carjacker Bails Midway When He Realises He Can’t Drive A Manual

Admittedly, I don’t know much about carjacking, but I’d presume a basic prerequisite would be being able to actually drive the car you intend to steal. If you’re planning on jacking someone else’s car, it’s probably good to have some kind of backup plan should you run into any snags, maybe ask Mum if she can help change gears?

Well, one Sydney criminal could have benefitted from his Mum’s helping hand after his attempt at stealing a woman’s ride in Ashfield yesterday failed miserably. NSW Police reckon that a 41-year-old bloke forced a woman out of her car while she was stopped at a traffic light, only to find himself unable to move because of those darn pesky gears.


After he found himself unable to move an inch, he allegedly grabbed the woman’s purse and hightailed it off on foot. Instead of enacting her own twisted version of vigilante justice by showing him how fast a car can go, she took the sensible approach of ringing the police and alerting them to what had just cracked off.

Funnily enough, the police had arrested him on completely unrelated matters and found the woman’s purse and cards bearing her ID. Old mate’s been charged with assault, robbery and intent to take a vehicle, he’ll face court on Thursday.

Maybe he’ll be able to squeeze in a couple of driving lessons before he’s off to the pound.


Image: The Odyssey


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