Aussie Crim Tunnels His Way Out Of Prison Months Before His Release

Yesterday morning, while most Australians were battling with their weekly bouts of Monday-itis, Perth man Shaun Edward Davidson was diggin’ a hole. Or at least, he had been. And not just any hole, either, but a hole that would lead Davidson and three other foreign inmates outside the walls of Bali’s Kerobokan prison.

This is the same prison where Schapelle Corby spent nine long years sitting on her hands, waiting for her sentence to run its course and probably not even once so much as picking up a trowel. Davidson, on the other hand, barely made it nine months through his year-long stint on the inside before getting itchy feet and breaking loose.

Image: The Daily Telegraph

The 31-year-old was convicted in September of last year, charged with using fraudulent travel documents and sentenced to twelve months behind bars. He’d previously fled Australia for Indonesia after being charged on several drug-related offences, failing to attend his court date, and having a warrant issued for his arrest.

Like a true Aussie battler, Davidson lost his passport shortly after arriving in Indo. Conveniently for him, he also found the passport of one Michael John Bayman, and used it to book a hotel room for himself. Less conveniently, Balinese authorities viewed this as an egregious immigration offence and threw Davidson’s disingenuous ass in the slammer.

Image: Lukman S. Bintoro

He was a mere two months and 15 days from finishing his sentence and being released when he and his compadres burrowed their way out. The ragtag bunch of runaways consisted of a Bulgarian, an Indian and a Malaysian prisoner, all of whom are believed to have accompanied Davidson through the 40cm wide, 15m long tunnel to freedom.

They are, as of now, still on the loose.

“We are still working to chase them” said Surung Pasaribu, Corrections chief at the Law and Human Rights Ministry. “We have also made a report to the police.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Feature image: The Independent


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