Bloke Who Threw Firecracker At Our Lord And Saviour Nollsie Has Been Arrested

Australia is a land of many heroes, and we fiercely defend those heroes from anyone or anything that could cause them harm. No Aussie battler is more revered and celebrated than the great Shannon Noll himself, he even got a pass for getting chucked out of Adelaide’s Crazy Horse strip club, and if that doesn’t make him a god among men, I really don’t know what will.

So it’s an absolute national tragedy that Nollsie was subjected to the kind of barbarianism and terror that you can only find in a country pub. Last week, Nollsie was the shredding the main stage of a country club in South West Rocks, a coastal town about halfway between Coffs and Port Macquarie.

Apparently, some bloody drongo chucked the firecracker on stage at about 10.30 pm last Friday. Nollsie’s keyboard player promptly tried to put it out, but it exploded and put a hole in his shoe. He suffered superficial burns and had to be taken to a nearby hospital after being treated at the venue.

The firecracker must have turned the stage into a World War 3 battleground because the band’s drummer received a cut on his arm from some shrapnel and has complained of hearing problems since the blast.

The man himself said it was “completely idiotic” behaviour. “Up until that stupidly dangerous act the gig went great! hope security caught the dickhead who threw it! Always 1 fuckin moron!”

The bloke who threw the firecracker has now been arrested by NSW Police and charged with affray and negligently handling an explosive to cause a person injury.

Source: The Land 

Credit: Lachlan Bence


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