Bloke Who Had Sex With A Horse Reckons He Did It Cause It ‘Winked’ At Him

If you ever needed confirmation that the human race is ultimately doomed, here it is.

Daniel Raymond Webb-Jackson was jailed earlier this year for fucking a horse, if that wasn’t reason enough to believe the bloke is literally insane, he reckons he did it because the horse ‘winked’ at him, thus giving him consent.

Apparently, the trainer at the stables that old mate broke into started to notice something fishy, so they installed security cameras to see what was up.

After an alarm was triggered, they found Webb-Jackson with his pants literally around his ankles and police were called to intervene, after which a brief scuffle ensued and old mate was hauled away.

According to the 31-year-old, the horse sniff his crotched and then winked at him, which he seemed to take as a sign of consent.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but whether it’s an animal or a human being winking definitely DOES NOT count as consent.

As you’d expect, the poor horse was pretty fucked up by the experience as well.

“She is only a little two-year-old and we had to put her out in the paddock,” the trainer said.

“The filly went from being quiet to just being highly strung, she changed in 24 hours. We had to put her in the paddock to try and get her head right.

“You don’t want to see this sort of thing happening, it’s really sick stuff.”

Webb-Jackson was jailed for 10 months with a minimum sentence of four months, as well as being fined $700.

With time served, he’s eligible for parole next weekend, so lock up ya horses folks.


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