Bloke Living in 3017 Makes The Most Of Splendour’s Final Hours

So, Splendour In The Grass 2017 has officially wrapped up and I don’t know about you, but I’m sitting at work and trying extremely hard to make it look like my brain ISN’T dribbling out via my nostrils.

We were treated to some absolutely thumping sets, including RL Grime, Lil Yachty, LCD Soundsystem and Schoolboy Q. While everyone obviously goes to a music festival to enjoy the tunes, have fun with their friends and spend over $10 bucks on a half strength beer, some people are there for one thing only: to see how mind-numbingly cooked they can get in a field.

If you, unfortunately, found yourself underprepared and with no illegal goodies to smuggle in, you might have been tempted to run the gauntlet that is buying drugs at a music festival. It’s almost like a fun little game of deal(er) or no deal(er), will you be paying $45 for a cap? Is the shady bloke in Teepee forest actually a cop? Has your precious brain candy been spiked with Flakka?

Who knows! It’s all part of the fun.

Well, one bloody legend who found himself with a hankering for a good time may have flipped the world on its head with this ingenious way of scouting for caps.

We are truly living in the future.

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Photographer for Hobo Sydney Patrick Stevenson caught this festival hero in the act, hopefully, his innovation and genius inspires a whole new movement of cheeky drug users.


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