Bloke Hangs Up On Winning Lotto Call Saying He’d Won $16M

Winning the lotto is a lot like expecting that someone would hand your lost drugs back to you on a night out – a nice thought, but probably unlikely to happen. We’ve all thought about how loud our initial screams would be when receiving the good news, but to be fair a phone call from a random stranger claiming you’ve won an insane amount of money should probably ring a few alarm bells.

Which is probably why a bloke from Sydney’s Manly area was so hesitant when called by an Oz Lotto staffer that he repeatedly hung up the phone! Apparently, the folks from Oz lotto called up old mate to let him know he’d won a part of the $50 million jackpot and he wasn’t having a bar of it, feeling stumped by the strange call for the rest of the day.

He chose his numbers based on family birth dates and gut instinct – a very fair method- and reckoned that he had a feeling he might pick up some moolah.

“Earlier today I thought I’d love to win,” he said. “I was just thinking in my head driving along and lo and behold, I won. I can’t believe it,” he said

“When you rang before I thought it was a bit strange. But then I went and grabbed my ticket, then I checked my ticket and saw the numbers.”

“This is amazing,” he said. “You can honestly say 100 per cent you don’t get much better news than this.”

He plans on investing his $16.6 million share of the prize and living a happy life. On $16 million, you could live quite a few happy lives.


Image: Sydney Morning Herald


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