Bloke Gets Stuck in Chimney After Practicing Parkour Moves

It’s not easy being extreme, Tap Out clothing can get pretty pricey and drinking 3 times the recommended amount of Monster energy drinks can you really do a number on a person’s heart. What many don’t realise is that most people who live an extreme lifestyle don’t do it for the glory, women or approval from their parents. They do it because they love the adrenaline that pumps through their veins after surviving a 3-meter drop or doing a hectic wheelie on the BMX they got for Christmas.


Parkour is without a doubt the most extreme thing a person can do. Originally created by kids who watched too much anime and wanted to get away from bullies, parkour has been at the forefront of extreme sports for many years. While many pretend to be invested in this sport of kings, it really takes an extreme individual to risk their own life in order to fulfill their destiny as a full-time loose unit.

Dustin Hinkle, a name that literally screams extreme, found this out the hard way when he became stuck down a chimney for 2 hours after practicing parkour on the roof an apartment building. The 26-year-old Denver resident told investigators that his friend Jayce had let him into the building, and then they went upstairs to the roof area to “play parkour.” Sounds completely reasonable for a 26-year-old  to do on a weekday.

Apparently, Hinkle fell into the open chimney from an above balcony and then proceeded to fall between 30 and 35 feet. It took a team of over 2 dozen trained rescuers to free old mate, who was able to escape after rescue services cut a hole in the wall.

Dustin was arrested on suspicion of trespassing and his two friends – 20-year-old Mary McHugh and 23-year-old Jayce Anderson- were also arrested, accused of trespassing and interfering with a police officer. Let this be a lesson to all you loose cannons out there, please try and confine your ~insane~ stunts to your backyard and the soft area of the local children’s playground.

Source: Denver Post







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