A Sydney Commuter Rushed Back into a Burning Bus Cos They Forgot To ‘Tap Off’

Buses are pretty shit at the best of times. They can be uncomfortable, frequently late and you have to stand next to people who haven’t had a shower since the last Harry Potter came out. On top of this, most public transport systems have a tap on/tap off system, where commuters tap their travel card when they get on and tap it again once they disembark. Sounds like the result of an efficient, futuristic world where cars can fly and instant coffee doesn’t taste like a dog’s arsehole, right?

More often than not, these travel cards punish travellers for simply forgetting to tap off by charging them the total maximum fare. Got a bit tipsy and forgot to tap off on the way home last week? Well, say hello to a big fuck off fare for your 2-minute bus trip. The mistake of not tapping off has proven so costly that commuters are willing to do anything in order to save that sweet, sweet transport money.

A passenger aboard the bus that caught fire and shut down the Syndey Harbour Bridge last September reportedly ran back into the burning vehicle, just so they could tap off their opal card. CCTV footage shows the passenger risking it all to avoid being charged the maximum fare, although their heroic efforts may have been in vain.

According to Jim Donovan of passenger advocates Action For Public Transport, the opal reader only allows passengers to tap off once the vehicle is at a bus stop. To be fair, you’d think Sydney Transport would be up for waving the fare, seeing as ya know, their bus caught fire and this deadset weapon felt the need to run into a burning vehicle just to save a couple of dollars.

It is believed that the incident will be raised in the final Office of Transport Safety Investigation’s report into the fire, likely to be released in the next fortnight.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Photo: themeeporkman – Instagram


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