Mum Sends Student Care Package From Home, Turns Out to be the Trash He Forgot to Take Out

Mum’s are pretty great, full of love, kindness and all those other buzzwords that people use when describing something nice. Most of the time, Mums are sweet angels who are always down to offer help and support, and yet they can also be the most passive-aggressive and sneaky people on the planet. Whether it’s hiding the leftovers you were saving or never telling you who your real dad is, Mums definitely have a few tricks up their sleeve.

A student from Pennsylvania discovered this the hard way when he opened up what he thought was a care package from home, only to discover the most passive-aggressive prank ever. Conner Cox, the unsuspecting student in question, ripped open his care package hoping to find some home comforts but instead found trash, tissues and soda cans.

Understandably, old mate was pretty confused so he gave his Mum Terri a call to found out what the crack was. “Did you send me the wrong package? Why did you send me this?” Connor demanded, to which his adorable Mum answered, “No, that’s the trash that you were supposed to take out.”

After realising the joke, Connor had a bloody good giggle and shared the prank on Twitter where it proceeded to go viral. It might seem like a lot of effort to go to just to get a quick laugh but if there’s one thing Mum’s are good at it’s expending a lot of effort in order to get the reaction that they want.



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