Bloke Asks The Internet To Shout Bday Drinks, Gets Royally Stitched Up

The allure of a free beverage is not to be underestimated. Men have been known to erect houses and tear down buildings all for the promise of a free slab.

In fact, one bloke from the Northern Territory was so peeved off that the tourists he saved didn’t offer him any free beer, so he considered leaving them smack bang in the middle of the outback.

So you see ladies and gentlemen, free alcohol is not something to be taken lightly. Which is why one bloke got a bit of a surprise when he put the call out to Twitter to score him and his mates some birthday drinks, only things didn’t turn out who he hoped.

Rory was having a few cheeky bevvies at the Banker’s Draft in Sheffield, a pub apart of the Wetherspoons hospitality franchise. The chain has an app which allows pretty much anyone to shout you a drink, so thinking “What’s the worst that can happen?” the boys gave it a crack.

Things got off to a, uh, slow start…

And things just got more and more disturbing from there.

Of course, there are some kind people in the world that will see that a birthday won’t go untreated.

Alas, all great adventures must come to an end.

Apparently food and drink were still being sent to the table long after they’d left, so get down there if you’re keen to grab some free food.



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