Fuck Yeah, Spilt Milk Is The First Aus Festival To Introduce Pill Testing

Finally, guys, we can all breathe a sigh of relief, and not just because we found out our pills don’t contain bleach or rocket fuel chemicals.

After much deliberation, back and forth and general discontent that it wasn’t implemented sooner, Canberra’s Spilt Milk Festival will become the first Australian music festival to introduce drug testing.


After a long series of consultations with the Safety Testing Advisory Service at Festivals and Events and the territory’s government, they finally realised that giving people the opportunity to know what’s going into their bodies might not be the worst thing of all time.

ACT health minister Meeghan Fitzharris said pill-testing lets potential drug users know whats about to go into their system, and provides an opportunity for them to bin the illicit substances if they choose.

While she also said that the Government wasn’t necessarily giving people the go-ahead to do drugs with these measures, she did note that drug testing won’t necessarily increase drug use at festivals.

The operation will be carried out by Harm Reduction Australia and will involve a survey of what the person believes is in it, followed by an analysis of what’s actually in it.

An example of pill testing at a festival in Canada.

Experts will provide detailed feedback to the person, who then have the option of throwing it in a bin lined with bleach, which will destroy the drugs.

The decision has recieved much praise. Matt Noffs, CEO of the youth-focused drug and alcohol treatment charity Noffs Foundation, said: “I see this as a natural evolution for harm reduction and I praise the ACT Government for looking at the evidence and acting to save lives.”

“Death is not an acceptable punishment for young people experimenting.”

‘Onya, Australia.

Source: Pedestrian.tv




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