Aussie Bloke Disgusted That Broken Down Tourists He Rescued Didn’t Offer Him Beer

Australia’s a funny old land, with our fair share of funny old customs. For example, it’s well known that beer is the official trading currency of Australia’s labor industry, with every bloke, fella, and drongo knowing that even the most minor inconvenience requires some exchange of beer.

Which is why it’s hardly surprising that one bush battler from the Northern Territory was legitimately stinging when he encountered a group of tourists who were seemingly unfamiliar with our great nations customs.

Orhan Yilmaz was sitting down with a well-earned beer when he was told a few tourists were in need of some help, as their vehicle had just become bogged down.

“Some young fellas came over on motorbikes, asking if we could help some tourists bogged out at the shore,” he said. After realising that an incoming tide could mean a lot of trouble, Orhan took a brief 20 minutes to get ready before jetting off.

“We drove out. It took an hour to set up and make sure I didn’t get bogged,” he said.

“They were looking for the prison, but were way off.”

When they arrived at the scene, the car was all kinds of fucked up and Orhan knew he was gonna have to put in some carton worthy work to get the job done.

However, much to old mate’s dismay, when the car was free the tourists merely stood around awkwardly before taking off.

“I was sort of p***ed off at the end of it. Usually, when you pull someone out of a bog they offer you a beer or a carton,” he said.

“I could have left them there and they’d have lost everything.”

Careful there Orhan, that almost sounded like a threat.


Source: Whitsunday Times


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