‘Black Hitler’ to Run in Finnish Election for Far Right Party

The toothbrush moustache has a pretty bad reputation, what was once a stylish accessory for the cultured gentlemen has become somewhat soured by the millions of deaths and misery that is associated with it. Thankfully, the common consensus now is that Hitler was a bit of a douche and wearing the mo for anything but an edgy costume party is somewhat frowned upon.

With all the negative connotations surrounding the infamous patch of facial hair, it’s fairly striking when you spot one out in the world. What’s even more surprising is that a black pastor running in the Finnish election for a far-right party is sporting it. Joao Bruno Putulukeso, who is running for ultra-nationalist True Finns party, has caused an uproar on social media and been dubbed ‘Black Hitler’ for his stance on issues such as immigration and homosexuality.

Putulukeso, who came to Finland from Angola, will stand in the western city of Vaasa under the slogan “love is the weapon of victory,” which seems like exactly the opposite of what right wingers stand for. The True Finns are well-known for their ultra-nationalism, dislike of the European Union and strong conservative stance on social issues. Much like One Nation, immigration has been a large part of the party’s policy platform in recent years. Some of the party’s leaders have even described groups such as gypsies as “criminals” and have said refugees should not be welcomed in Finland.

Putulukeso has stated that he wants to change how the general public and immigrants view the True Finns. He said”I want immigrants to understand that the True Finns are not enemies of the immigrants. Immigrants must respect the law and the rules, and then they can integrate in peace.”

Aside from the obviously problematic ideals that the party stand for, the fact that Putulukeso is running for a party that has traditionally not been kind to the black community raises a few eyebrows. It also doesn’t really need to be said that sharing a moustache and political policies typically associated with one of the evilest men of all time probably isn’t the wisest political move.

The True Finns finished second in Finland’s parliamentary elections in 2015, securing a role in government, but since then the party’s popularity has plummeted and its leader Timo Soini has announced he will step down in June.

Source & Image: TalkRadio.co.uk


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