Police Manged to Track Escaped Inmate By Following Trail of Beer Cans

Drunks are a messy bunch. Whether it’s a few dirty schooeys left over from a standard after work sesh or a trashed living room because your dad got drunk on Christmas Eve and wrecked all the presents, it’s fairly well known that alcohol = mess. Empties are always a good indicator to how wild someone’s life is, if there’s as many as old mate had below you can guarantee that they’re either the most socially outgoing person in existence, or have a very severe alcohol problem.

While tinnies can be one of the greatest things on earth (taste, convenience and can take more knocks than Darren Lockyer), they can also have their downfalls. Wise County Justice Center inmate Travis Scott Pratt found this out the hard way, as police were able to follow a trail of beer cans that led them to the 39-year-old.

Police say that Travis was in the custody of the Norton Police Department when he escaped, stealing a Ute and hightailing it for greener pastures. Authorities attempted to follow and other units were called to the area. One deputy, Josh Edmiston, was in the area and en-route to help, when he saw a blue Dodge truck speeding and driving recklessly. As he turned to follow the car, empty beer cans were flying from the Ute’s bed, leaving a trail that’s reminiscent of an alcoholic Hansel and Gretel.

         Looks exactly like the type of guy you’d expect to have a tray of empties while                                                          running from the police


Deputy Edmiston followed the tinnie brick road and located the Ute in a driveway, which was when Travis noticed the deputy and took off, driving through several people’s yards before bursting back onto the highway.

Deputy Edmiston followed the trail of beer cans and located the truck in a driveway on Pole Bridge Road. The driver of the vehicle noticed the deputy and sped off, driving through several yards then back onto the highway. Old mate must have realised how fucked he was because he tried to get out the car and run away on foot.

Thankfully, authorities were able to capture Travis and he’s back in custody and facing additional charges. Let that be a lesson to all you wannabe criminals out there, throw away your empties in the bin like a functioning alcoholic, that way police can’t track you.


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