Shelving Your Weed Could Save You From Tripping

Turns out having a stick up your arse might not be such a bad thing after all. Whilst depositing a handful of cannabis into one’s own sphincter is probably the last thing any self-respecting stoner would ever want to do, one British Columbian weed clinic has suggested that shelving the sweet leaf may in fact be the most effective way to get a buzz on while avoiding a bug out.

Director of Kootenay’s Medicine Tree Jim Leslie explains that “there’s a very good reason” why bud in the butt is worth your consideration. Referring to medical marijuana as a treatment for chronic progressive illness, Leslie states the seemingly obvious by pointing out that an increase in dosage usually means an increase in the psychoactive effects of the drug. “It can get you very high,” in other words, “particularly if you’re not smoking it or inhaling it [but] if you’re eating it.”

The reason for this, essentially, is that when you consume and digest cannabis the THC hits your liver before it hits your bloodstream, whereupon it metabolises into 11-hydroxi-THC– a product “four to five times more potent psychoactively.” Anyone who’s ever scoffed a plate of brownies and woken up on the dark side of the moon will surely nod along to Leslie’s warning: when weed-based edibles hit they hit for absolute six, and for many they can come with some pretty undesirable psychoactive side-effects.

The solution? Bypass that dastardly liver altogether by sticking the weed in your crack’s pipe (that is, your bottom) and absorbing it that way.

Now before you go grabbing yourself a bud bushel and ramming it up your rectum, it’s worth pointing out that what we’re talking about here is cannabis suppositories. Leslie’s rather vivid instruction is to place the dissoluble tablet “just above the anal sphincter muscle… where the absorption is very efficient… upwards of 70% absorption potential.” From here, the THC enters the bloodstream in its unaffected state and goes about its bodily business.

Of course, for the Average Joes and Janes who smoke their weed rather than swallowing it, this shelving technique might seem vastly unnecessary. Perverse even. But as marijuana becomes more widely accepted as a medicinal product, more and more medical professionals are expressing concern over smoking as the go-to method of administration.

“Smoking cannabis may be even more harmful to a person’s airways and lungs than smoking tobacco,” says The Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse, “since cannabis smoking often involves unfiltered smoke, larger puffs, deeper inhalation, and longer breath holding.”

Both mentally and physically, then, butt bud seems to be the safety option when it comes to getting high–to say nothing of that sweet, sweet rectal absorption.

Go on, get a stick up your arse.

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Source: VICE


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