Aussie Soccer Fans Have Depleted Russia’s Beer Supply At The World Cup

If there are two things you can rely on Australians for on the world stage, it’s that they’ll be friendly to absolutely anyone, and get absolutely pissed out their minds while doing it.

After their match against France on Saturday, which saw the Socceroos go down to the frogs 2-1 despite a commendable defensive display, the Aussie supporters headed out into the city of Kazan to get royally fucked up and watch the rest of the matches.

Evgeny, the head bartender of Gudini Bar on Baumann street had to head out the next day and replenish his entire stock of beer after Australians drained surrounding pubs of every drop.

“Australian guys are like Russians, we are the same because we are drinking too much. In the morning, we did not have any beer in the pub. All the beer was drunk,” Evgeny said. “It was so busy, it was so much fun because a lot of Australian people came into our pub and drank all night. I don’t know exactly how many glasses of beer I poured last night but I think it was one million.

“I slept just only three hours. After I woke up I went to a beer shop and bought 450 litres of beer for Australian guys because I don’t know how many Australian guys come.”

Another bartender said they only had one tap available the following day, after the bar got absolutely romped by a sea of green and gold.

“It was a special night. They drank all the beer, we finished it. They watch the football and just drink beer. I don’t know why.”

Even Fifa volunteers were getting amongst our cheerful banter, “I love Australian people. They are so friendly, they are so kind,” World Cup volunteer Camilla Safudinova said. “Australia is a country I want to live in in the future. I love Australia.”


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