Some Rivers Are So Packed Full Of Drugs That Eels Are Getting Munted Off Cocaine

Obviously, we all know that drugs are a totally safe and fun way to kick back and munch your jaw off with very few consequences, but have you ever stopped to consider that your 3-day bender is actually harming the poor animals who have to lap up your drug riddled piss?

Of course you haven’t, but new research reckons that animals in our waterways are being affected by drug polluted water. Namely, eels are getting off their faces on cocaine.

study published in Science of the Total Environment says eels are highly vulnerable to cocaine from a young age, which essentially fucks up their lives as they are unable to migrate or reproduce properly.

Researchers gave eels cocaine for 50 days in a row and found that it caused them to be incredibly hyperactive (surprise surprise) in comparison to non-coked-up eels and also extremely damaging to their physiology.


“Data show a great presence of illicit drugs and their metabolites in surface waters worldwide,” says Anna Capaldo, a research biologist at the University of Naples Federico II and the lead author of the study.

“This study shows that even low environmental concentrations of cocaine cause severe damage to the morphology and physiology of the skeletal muscle of the silver eel, confirming the harmful impact of cocaine in the environment that potentially affects the survival of this species,” she said.

It was found that the drug accumulated on the brain, muscles, gills, skin and other tissues of the cocaine-exposed eels, essentially limiting their main functions and stopping them from being able to reproduce.

It seems like the responsibility of the survival of the species falls on humans not doing cocaine… so basically the poor eels are absolutely fucked.


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