Alf Stewart Accused of Stealing Information From The Defence Force

Stone the flamin’ crows, Alf’s at it again.

That’s right, Summer Bay’s favourite curmudgeonly old git is kicking his way back into the public consciousness – this time after a bunch of sensitive information about Australia’s warplanes and Navy ships was stolen.

At least, that’s who an Australian spy agency is blaming. This mongrel:

Image: What’s On TV

When some 30 gigabytes of data was infiltrated in July of last year, experts at the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) codenamed the mystery hacker ‘Alf’ – as in, the hot-headed geriatric from Home & Away Alf. Authorities weren’t made aware of the breach until November, giving Alf a good four to five months’ worth of pillaging precious defence force data.

Government cyber officials are now referring to that period as ‘Alf’s Mystery Happy Fun Time’.

“A significant amount of data was stolen… and most of the data was defence related,” said ASD incident response manager Mitchell Clarke. Apparently Alf had access to “pretty much every server.”

While the government is claiming that the actual identity of the cyber criminal remains unknown, it’s not entirely clear why the ASD chose to name the hacker Alf. I for one want to believe that they know exactly who’s behind the breach, and have ‘codenamed’ him using the same logic as someone who makes their password ‘PASSWORD’.

In other words: that Alf Stewart literally stole a bunch of sensitive security data from the Australian Defence Force.

What he might do next is anyone’s guess.

Image: Aaron Tyler


Source: ABC News
Feature image: Home & Away Wiki


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